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Data Recovery

Affordable Data Recovery in Glasgow - No Data, No Fee

Disaster can strike at any time.  A laptop suddenly not booting up with all your important documents, pictures and videos.  Or a USB stick filled with work stuff is now asking "Do you want to Format the drive" when you were using it only in the morning.  Whatever the problem may be, we're sure can help with our data recovery expertise.

We can even help recover files that may have been accidently deleted.

Before commencing work, we take an exact bit for bit clone of your drive.  We then work on the clone.  This is to ensure that your data will be 'safe' in the original drive should we fail our attempt to recover your data from the clone.  We operate a No Data, No Fee policy so you will not be charged should we fail to recover your data.

Most types of data recovery available including:

  • Operating System Failure
  • Bad Sectors
  • Deleted/Formatted internal or external drives
  • USB Memory (Format now)
  • Laptop not booting

Available on Apple and Windows based machines

No Fix, No Fee

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We're confident that we will have the correct IT solution for you and to back that up we offer a no fix, no fee policy. If we cannot solve your problem then there is no charge.

Environmentally Friendly

an image In a world where we are all conscious of how we are affecting the environment, we aim to do our bit too. We will not use a car (where possible) when going out to a job. Instead, we will use public transport.  We also comply with the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations to ensure old equipment is disposed of correctly.



Cost Effective

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Because we mostly work from home, we have very little overheads so the benefits are passed on to the customer in the way of cheaper prices compared to major outlets. A cheaper price does not mean a loss in quality at ECS. We pride ourselves in treating every customer as a unique individual and will do everything to ensure that they are entirely satisfied with our service.