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Below is a number of services that we can provide.

Hardware/Software upgrades

Hardware/Software Upgrades

Replace old hardware, software or firmware with a newer or better version, in order to to improve its performance or to update the system. Common hardware upgrades include installing additional memory (RAM), adding larger hard disks, replacing microprocessor cards or graphics cards Common software upgrades include changing the version of an operating system, of an office suite, of an anti-virus program, or of various other tools.

Network Setup (Wired/wireless)

Network Setup

A network allows the sharing of files of computers connected to it. Whether you’re a home user or small business we can advise on the best setup for your needs. We will design, build, implement the network and then offer support to ensure the specifications have been met.

Data Backup

Data Backup

Backup, backup, backup. That’s the main rule of data backup. 3 copies, different locations. Do you have a backup strategy implemented? It’s always one of those things you put off and put off thinking then you lose something important and then you really wish you kept a backup. We can advise whether you’re a uni student or a small business on the best strategy for you.

OS Re-installation

OS Re-Installation

We can re-install any Windows OS or Mac. Users must have ORIGINAL disks and/licences.

Troubleshooting Network Connections

Troubleshooting Internet Connections

As the internet is a major part of our daily lives can you afford not to be connected? We know how important it is to people nowadays and will always strive to get you back online as quickly as possible.

Malware Removal

Malware Removal

Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware, crimeware, most rootkits, and other malicious and unwanted software. This is by far the most common problem we are asked to fix. During the process, we endeavour to keep all your important files and will never go for the easy option ie format hard drive and re-install Windows. We have a range of tools and techniques to ensure the PC/laptop returns back to its former glory.

Hardware/Software Repairs

PC Laptop Repair

There are many reasons as to why a PC/laptop may not function properly. It can be fine one minute and the next thing you know it’s not booting up or you’re getting the blue screen of death. We have a range of tests we can do on-site to identify the problem as soon as possible and having encountered hundreds of problems in the past we’re confident of getting your machine back up and running.

Password Recovery

Password Recovery

With almost everything requiring a password these days, it's easy to lose or forgot one. We can help recover passwords from certain programs.

Printer/Scanner Problems

Printer Scanner Problems

Is your scanner gathering dust because your computer no longer recognizes it? Got a printer that isn’t printing your photos as you’d like?

Data Encryption

Data Encryption Do you have important files that you don’t want anyone else to access? Worried about all your details left on your laptop? We can encrypt data to 128-bit encryption using the latest techniques and it would take over a thousand, perhaps a million years for a hacker to ‘crack’ the password using brute force. This can be applied to a USB memory stick only allowing those who know the password access. This can also be used to encrypt whole partition/hard drives where Windows is installed.

System Tune-up

System Tune-up

Feel your system isn’t as fast as it once was? We can help realise its former glory with a system tune up. Includes clearing start up items, uninstalling unnecessary programs, clean the registry and disk defragmentation.

iTunes Help

iTunes Help

iTunes can be a bit of a pain sometimes, keeping track of your libraries and always auto syncing, clogging up and creating duplicates. We have solutions to help you and make your iTunes experience less hassle.

1 to 1 Tutorials

1 to 1 Tutorials

Do you need help with a Powerpoint presentation? Can’t work Excel? Want to know how to set up email?

No Fix, No Fee

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We're confident that we will have the correct IT solution for you and to back that up we offer a no fix, no fee policy. If we cannot solve your problem then there is no charge.

Environmentally Friendly

an image In a world where we are all conscious of how we are affecting the environment, we aim to do our bit too. We will not use a car (where possible) when going out to a job. Instead, we will use public transport.  We also comply with the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations to ensure old equipment is disposed of correctly.



Cost Effective

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Because we mostly work from home, we have very little overheads so the benefits are passed on to the customer in the way of cheaper prices compared to major outlets. A cheaper price does not mean a loss in quality at ECS. We pride ourselves in treating every customer as a unique individual and will do everything to ensure that they are entirely satisfied with our service.